Interested in a Career in Solar?

Xplore Solar is the premiere residential solar installation company in Virginia, both for clients and our team. Help us save Virginia residents thousands of dollars on their power bills, while also helping save the planet itself!

We are now expanding our sales team in Roanoke and Salem!

Why us

Help clients save serious money, while sharpening your sales skills.

See what one of our best says about us below.

Ryan Garriga
Senior Salesperson at Xplore

"Selling residential solar is unlike any other opportunity in the market place right now.

What other product or service allows the customer to save money, reward yourself handsomely and also have a dramatic impact on the environment? In the words of Michael Scott it’s a unique “Win-Win-Win“ scenario.

If you love: clocking in and out, a daily set schedule, mandatory meetings and minimal return for your time - then selling solar is not for you.

If you have a strong desire to succeed and want to make a difference for the people and places around you, then Solar may be your calling!

While you’re a member of a team and our winning culture at Xplore Solar; you are truly are an independent contractor. That means you can actually work your own schedule, at your own terms.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about renewable energies or sharpen your sales skills, Xplore Solar has opportunities for people to grow and achieve new heights they never thought possible!"

Ready to try selling Solar?

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Decide your own schedule.
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A dedicated team to support you in the field.
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Help clients save money while earning generous commissions!
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